Bermuda 2020 - Our new playground for adventure diving.

Step aboard "Hakuna Matata", 47 foot (14m) sailing catamaran, we will take you to the best diving sites in North Atlantic. Beautiful fringing reef surrounding Bermuda archipelago is a resting ground for over 300 wrecks and countless species of fish and corals.

Perfect for certified divers of all levels, this exclusive and boutique diving opportunity includes, snorkeling, shallow dives, blue water dives and wreck dives. On board filling station with tanks, provides unlimited air and independence in choosing your dive site and dive schedule. All you have to bring is your personal BCD, regulator and wet-suit.

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Our Captain is also PADI certified instructor with huge experience in running dive operation and underwater exploration. You will sail to your chosen diving spot, drop anchor and dive in. With maximum of 6 divers per cruise you won't be crowded during your dive and there is plenty of room on board to enjoy your private space.

There is no set itinerary - we go to dive sites, where conditions and weather are the best to offer our divers an adventure of a lifetime! Liveaboards offer the best variety of diving available- dive.

Through 400 years Bermuda has been a very important British Royal Navy base, controlling routes and merchant trade in North Atlantic. Now these islands offer spectacular diving in warm, crystal clear waters and pink sandy beaches and naval history imprinted in island architecture.

Island fortification are preserved in pristine condition. Forts located in critical defending points all over the island with huge guns and army infrastructure and Royal Naval Dockyard are worth to visit and explore.

Two natural underground caves present a different world on its own. Partially submerged in ocean water with stalactites hanging from cave ceiling and walls and stalagmites on cave bottom sometimes deep underwater. All this wonders are worth to explore.

Scuba diving travel with us is a breeze! Our all-inclusive scuba diving liveaboard vacations are popular with outgoing individuals from Canada, US and Europe. We supply everything but your personal gear.

Useful information:

- Flights from Canada, Air Canada connects Toronto with 6 flights a week and
  Westjet 3 flights a week.

- Flights from US, most major airports in eastern USA have direct flights to Bermuda. ,,,

- Flights from Europe, British Airways has daily flights to Bermuda from London