The Crew

Robert Piasecki

He speaks English and Polish fluently.

Captain Robert is the ultimate seaman holding Fishing Vessel Master certificate. He has been sailing for more than 30 years on the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans doing several yacht deliveries. Robert has spent over 10 years as a Captain on commercial vessels servicing commercial fishing fleets on the West Coast of US and Canadian waters. He is an expert when it comes to boating, advising, educating and entertaining guests.

Holding a Marine Engineering degree, Robert possesses extensive yacht maintenance knowledge and is responsible for the running and maintenance of deck equipment and all machinery. He seeks out and identifies problems to avert any potential safety risks.


For several years, Robert worked as a Commercial Diver and he presently holds a PADI Diving Instructor License.

Robert loves cooking and since he has very creative personality, he loves creating new menus.

Robert has traveled and explored the waters of the Virgin Islands for several years before immersing himself into the charter business. This is Robert's 5th year running charters and he knows where to go, when to go, and what is offered at the various hot-spots around the British Virgin Islands and St. Maarten sailing locations. He has all of the skills, personality and passion to provide an exciting and memorable experience for his guests.


Peter Marciniak

He speaks English and Polish fluently.

Peter is a knowledgeable, charismatic, friendly yacht skipper from Toronto, Canada. His technical skills and sailing experience contribute to his expert seamanship and a deep understanding of the mechanical, electrical and digital systems aboard s/y Hakuna Matata.

From a very young age, Peter has been surrounded by all things nautical, which allowed him to develop interest and passion towards the sea, paving the way toward a masterful career in the yachting industry. He has worked as a teacher, diver, manager, and delivery skipper. He has an in-depth understanding of sailboats from the shipyard side of the business to overseeing major retrofit and rebuild projects. Due to his high level of expertise and degree of certification, he is on call as Captain for a number of sailing yachts.

Peter at the helm

He has been working professionally in the yacht industry for over 5 years, and gained unparalleled experience in all aspects of sailing. In addition, he holds a mechanical engineering degree, Industry Canada Radio Operators Certificate and a NAUI Advanced Diver certification with more than 25 years of recreational and commercial scuba diving experience.

Peter is a lifelong sailor with extensive experience in the yacht charter industry. He is passionate, confident, and adept at handling even the most high pressure situations with ease. In addition to his maritime background with credentials that include an Yacht Master Certificate, a good portion of Peter's professional career was spent in the hospitality business where he owned and managed a Fine Dining Restaurant in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, leading to his great attention to detail and client focused approach. Committed to delivering world-class service, Peter strives to exceed the highest of standards while placing the needs of guests at the forefront.

Peter has completed over 50,000 miles as a Captain including several Ocean crossings and numerous Caribbean charters. With that wealth of experience, you can be sure that you are in safe hands, since safety is always of paramount importance. Peter will do everything to ensure that your holiday exceeds all expectations and will guarantee you the vacation of a lifetime aboard the Catamaran Hakuna Matata.