Frequently Asked Questions

How to book a place on a cruise or charter a yacht?

After contacting us, we check to see if there are vacancies on the cruise that you are interested in and make the initial booking. We send "Conditions of Participation" in our voyages (or a contract for charter) along with information on the amount of the deposit on a cruise and method of payment. A down payment must be paid within 14 days of receipt of the initial booking confirmation.  The remaining amount for cruise / charter must be paid within 60 days prior to sailing / charter or in cash (after agreement with organizers) on the first day of the cruise.

Paying a deposit on a cruise constitutes acceptance of "Conditions of Participation" in the cruise.

What is a typical agenda and organization of our cruises?

Prior to sailing captain and his crew determined the preliminary program of the cruise. Typical itineraries and cruise program can be found on the Where are we sailing page. The captain may change the predetermined route and the place of the cruise depending on the weather conditions, or any other conditions that may jeopardize safety.
The cruise will consist of sailing from island to island, mainly during the day. At night we stop in marinas, at anchorages or mooring buoys - each day on another island or in another bay.
Several times a day we stop for swimming and snorkeling or scuba diving. We try to always have time to explore the islands.
In the longer tourist cruises we expect one or two nights of sailing.

Do you need to have sailing experience or sailing skills?

No. The participants of our cruises do not require experience and seamanship.  Our Captain and crew take care of everything.  Of course, if you want to, you can help. The catamaran is a large, comfortable camper that floats like a leaf on the water.

Which route is best for me?

Cruises on the British Virgin Islands (BVI), is sailing in sheltered calm waters close to shore. At night we stay in marinas or on moorings in bays. We sail only 2 - 4 hours per day. When sailing in the BVI, there will be many opportunities for swimming, sunbathing, snorkeling, diving, dinner on the shore and tasting delicious Rum drinks ... This is undoubtedly the most beautiful part of the Caribbean. Here we visit the most tropical beaches, picturesque coves and pristine coral reefs. It is the perfect place to have fun, rest and relax. This is the best route for people who have never sailed and for families with children. It is also ideal for company trips (a great team building experience).
Crusing around St. Maarten, St Martin, Anguill and St. Barts.
Explore two colorful nations on one exotic island on our cruise. Cruise to St. Maarten and you’ll find the island’s natural attributes are equally fine: the rugged coastline shelters silky crescents of sand framed by green. Cruise to Philipsburg, and enjoy the charming and magical capital of Dutch St Maarten, a melting pot of rich cultures and old-world charm. St. Maarten offers a delightful case of split personality.
Cruises on the Grenadines, cruises from Martinique and Grenada to the Grenadines archipelago. These small islands spaced by approx. 2 to 3 hours sailing. Sailing from Martinique to the Grenadines involves crossing two long stretches of open ocean between the islands of Martinique and St Lucia, and St Lucia and St Vincent. These transitions are between 5 to 8 hours. After the Grenadines, the sailing is mainly in the daytime. The marinas are comfortable, with well-stocked shops and good restaurants, but it's quieter and less crowded. We recommend trips one way from Grenada to Martinique or from Martinique to Grenada. By sailing one way, the same route is not repeated, more time to explore the islands and stay in charming coves, and to visit two additional islands; Carriacou and Grenada.  Cruising the Grenadines is best for people who would like to relax, yet want to have more sailing time.
Cruise one way from Martinique to British Virgin Islands, a longer cruise during which we visit the larger and better known islands such as Guadeloupe, Antigua, and St. Martin. Sometimes we sail from night to day to have more time to explore the islands. In this cruise, there is not as much time for sunbathing, swimming, snorkeling and diving. We're trying to make up for an earlier swim to the British Virgin Islands. It is a good cruising option for people who are more familiar with sailing.

Starting and ending a cruise:

The cruise begins at 18:00 on the start date and end of the cruise at 10:00 on the closing date.